Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Took Goldie to the vet today. She's gained a ton of weight lately (she's normally a Skinny Minnie) and she also lost a tooth last night. My regular vet no longer works at the practice so we saw a new guy today. He seems competant. He said Goldie appears healthy based on his inital exam. He took blood for a work-up. He wants to x-ray where she lost the tooth (right fang) to see if any surgery is necessary to clean it up so it won't abcess. Goldie was cooperative, but did growl a bit. Overall it was a good visit. We get the results from the blood work tomorrow. Below I've posted a some pictures of Goldie and her kids, Kurt, Oliver and Katie. Nice family!!

Goldie (rear) and Oliver

Goldie and Katie

Kurt in the kitty condo.


  1. Kurt makes me laugh! I'm not the only one with a large cat! Hope all is well with Goldie.

  2. I liked Kurt too. He looks like a big fluffy ball of

  3. He is that, but he's practicing to be a lap cat! Too bad he's waaay bigger than my lap! lol

  4. Love 'em all! Do they "argue" about the condos, beds, high areas and who gets to be where?


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