Saturday, March 31, 2012


When I first started making the baby clothes quilts, I did 9-patch and then four-patch blocks. Gradually the quilts evolved into only solid blocks as I think they are prettier and they are easier for me to make. I recently had a customer who wanted three quilts - one regular and two smaller- and she wanted mostly four-patch blocks. She had clothes from a boy and a girl and wanted the large quilt to have the solid feature blocks and then four-patch blocks from each child. She also wanted a smaller quilt with clothing from just one for each. They were more work, but they turned out to be just charming.

This is the bigger quilt. I put the feature blocks in the middle and surrounded them with the four-patch blocks. I alternated the boy and girl blocks throughout the quilt.

The smaller quilts were made totally from four-patch blocks and are really cute. This is the girl quilt. It's mostly pastels and cute prints.

And here's the boy quilt. It's in darker colors with lots of stripes.

Each of the smaller quilts has a solid, white block for eventual monogramming. Neat, huh? Again, it was the customer's idea. The customer also chose the solid yellow for the backing and framing and it was the perfect choice, dontcha' think?

I had enough leftovers from the clothes that I'm making a fourth regular size quilt for my customer. It will be four-patch blocks with two solid blocks for the boy and two for the girl. Just love working with all these cute little garments.