Friday, July 30, 2010


No, it's not what you think!! The car wasn't booted and Grandma wasn't booted out of anywhere. Grandma injured her left foot and now has to wear this lovely "boot" for who knows how long. There's nothing broken, but there might as well have been because my foot reacted as if it had been broken. It would swell up and then get better then swell up again. And it hurt like heck!! It took me over two weeks to finally get to the foot doctor, but I have to admit that since I've been wearing the boot, the pain in my foot has ceased.

I'm thinking about wearing a weight on my right foot to balance out things. Otherwise, my left leg and derriere will be more toned than the right!! OMG!! I'll be lopsided!!! lol Maybe it just feels that way.

Some of my friends have said that I should decorate the boot, but I don't know. It certainly isn't very pretty. I think of myself as a basic black kind of girl, but what do you think? Any suggestions to make this thing a little less, um, ugly?

I know I'll be wearing it for at least another week, that's when I see the doctor again. Meanwhile, I'm getting some interesting physical therapy consisting of attaching electrodes to my foot to make the muscles move. Grandma knows how to have fun, doesn't she?

Monday, July 12, 2010


I just wanted to share my latest project of which I'm very proud. I saw a tutorial for a patriotic table runner on the net (forget where, but will let you know when I remember). I didn't want red, white and blue so I searched the stash and realized it was perfect for a Christmas runner with only one color change - replace the blue with green. So I used a number of different of different Christmas prints to make this and I think it turned out great!

This picture is of the runner hanging on my design wall.

This is the runner on the cutting table. Please ignore the mess!!

I'm backing it with another Christmas print - green with little holly leaves - and using another print for the binding should I ever get that far. At first I thought about hand quilting, but couldn't decide on a design. Then I thought I could just stitch in the ditch, but why do that by hand when you can do it easier on the machine? So I'm still thinking on it. I am hoping to get it finished by this Christmas!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Ok, I know I said we needed some rain, but enough already!!! I couldn't get out and run some needed errands yesterday because of the rain. I'm not afraid of getting wet; it's the crazy Houston drivers and unexpected standing water that keeps me in. There has been enough rain at my house that the backyard is beginning to pond. We had at least an inch yesterday and expect that much more today. Of course I shouldn't complain when people in areas near here are having water in their houses.

At least I was able to use my time constructively yesterday to start on a cute quilted table runner. The pattern I found on had it in patriotic colors, but, if you change blue to green, you get Christmas!!! I had a lot of Christmas fabric in my stash so it was easy to pick out some fabrics to use. I have two of the three blocks assembled and it was really pretty easy. Of course the cutting would have gone smoother if I had paid better attention to the instructions. However, I have a lot of the fabric so I'll just keep the extras for another creation. Maybe another runner? Who knows? I'll post a pic when I get done.

I'm going to prepare to at least hit the grocery store today. The cat food and kitty litter can wait til another day. If I don't go to the grocery store I may have to resort to eating cat food so I may just have to brave the rain. Somehow Fancy Feast Turkey and Giblets just isn't that appetizing - even with a salad!