Friday, July 2, 2010


Ok, I know I said we needed some rain, but enough already!!! I couldn't get out and run some needed errands yesterday because of the rain. I'm not afraid of getting wet; it's the crazy Houston drivers and unexpected standing water that keeps me in. There has been enough rain at my house that the backyard is beginning to pond. We had at least an inch yesterday and expect that much more today. Of course I shouldn't complain when people in areas near here are having water in their houses.

At least I was able to use my time constructively yesterday to start on a cute quilted table runner. The pattern I found on had it in patriotic colors, but, if you change blue to green, you get Christmas!!! I had a lot of Christmas fabric in my stash so it was easy to pick out some fabrics to use. I have two of the three blocks assembled and it was really pretty easy. Of course the cutting would have gone smoother if I had paid better attention to the instructions. However, I have a lot of the fabric so I'll just keep the extras for another creation. Maybe another runner? Who knows? I'll post a pic when I get done.

I'm going to prepare to at least hit the grocery store today. The cat food and kitty litter can wait til another day. If I don't go to the grocery store I may have to resort to eating cat food so I may just have to brave the rain. Somehow Fancy Feast Turkey and Giblets just isn't that appetizing - even with a salad!

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  1. We have had 5 inches at our house in the last week. Still 50% chance of rain today.


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