Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Well, hurricane season began June 1 and now we have our first hurricane in the Gulf before the end of the month. That's early in the season, but then we've had some strange weather this past year so why am I surprised? It looks like Alex will be a Cat 1 and will go into Mexico. Being on the "dirty" side of the storm we will most likely get some rain, but will be spared for the most part. I'm sorry for Mexico, but glad for us.

Having a storm in the Gulf does make folks around here sit up and take notice. I've felt that invisible energy that generates when people are thinking about what they need to do. Well, we are spared this time, but maybe I'd better stock up on Spam just to be sure. And batteries. Maybe some water, too.


  1. Hey, if you have to bail out for some reason I have a bed waiting for you.

  2. Thanks, but I think we're fine this time.


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