Monday, June 14, 2010


Lately I've been working on my contribution to an upcoming charity auction quilt for my ebay group Quilters Corner. The quilt itself will probably be up for auction in the early fall and I think it will be our best one yet. The main block will be like the one shown below, though each person will have their own fabric combinations. There will also be other pieced and solid blocks. It will be constructed in the rag quilt style and will have pink flannel on the back with a layer of white flannel in the middle. Very comfy and cozy!

Not being much of a traditional quilter, I first thought that I'd never be able to construct such a complicated block. Well, with lots of patience and a nearby seam ripper, I managed to get one done. I've also been doing some BOM blocks from one of my favorite shops - FabricsnQuilts - and that's given me more confidence and practice in piecing blocks. Since the first ribbon block, I've assembled two more and it gets a bit easier with each one. I admit that I'm spatially challenged and have to really look at the pictures and compare them with the pieces that I have. It's been fun and gives me a great sense of accomplishment when my block closely resembles the pictures.

Please stay tuned for details on the charity auction. All of the proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation as they have in our previous auctions.


  1. Good job. I haven't started on mine yet. It is on the never ending to do list.

  2. Wonderful looking block, Barbara!


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