Saturday, January 31, 2009


I'm having my first Bonanza today. For those of you who don't know that's a sale in Bonanzle speak. It will take place from 2 pm - 5 pm and offers 20% off on all totes. I'm hoping for a sale or two.

Just a word or two about Bonanzle. It's a relatively new selling site, but growing in leaps and bounds. A few days ago they reached 1 million listings and it keeps going. The listings are free and it's really easy to set up your booth and list your items. Everyone is very friendly and I've already made a few new friends. So go on over to and look around. You can find everything from scented soaps to remote control cars to beautiful handmade items.

Wish me luck on my sale (or should I say Bonanza?)

Friday, January 30, 2009


I finally got the second pincushion listed today. The 'puter was sooo slow I finally just turned it off, turned off the DSL and did something else for a while. Seems to be OK now. I really love this pincushion. The apple fabric is so cute and the red vine print adds just the right accent. I was going to put some beads around it, but I decided it didn't need any more embellishment. I'm gonna have to make one of these for myself.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


This is my latest creation. I found this free pincushion pattern and decided to try it out. It was very easy and the only thing that took a lot of time was sewing all the buttons on the edge. I think it turned out really cute. The pattern also has a square version that I will be trying next. I think I'll fiddle around with these patterns for a bit, maybe using some beads, and see what else I can come up with. I've listed this on all my sites - ebay, etsy and bonanzle.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I've just listed my last tote for a while. At least until I get some sold. This one is a cute red, white and blue country heart print with a lining of tiny white hearts on red. I used a big red vintage button on the front pocket and it really pops. BTW I will be having a tote sale Saturday at my Bonanzle booth for a couple of hours. Be sure to stop in.

Monday, January 26, 2009


All of the totes in my Etsy store are 20% off this week only. Check it out at !!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I finally finished the Valentine's Day tote and got both the tote and a little baseball-themed quilt listed. The tote turned out really cute; I just love the print and the lining adds just the right contrast. I've had the baseball flannel forever, it seems like, and I'm so glad I finally got it made into something cute and useful.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Work, work, work

Today I'm working on three totes - two for Valentine's Day (yes, I know it's close) and a special order. I have everything cut out and ready to sew so it's time to rev up the machine and get to it. I have a little quilt to list, but it's so windy and cloudy outside it's not good for taking pictures so that will have to wait.

Friday, January 23, 2009

I finished and listed a cute little flannel quilt made from leftovers. It's all pastels and white with three layers of flannel. I made four-patch blocks and then joined the blocks rag quilt style. It's about 31" x 47" - a great size for a crib, toddler bed, lap quilt, floor mat, etc. It was loads of fun to make. It's listed on ebay, etsy and Bonanzle so go check it out!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Well, my Bonanzle booth is all set up. I got in a bit of a hurry and failed to do some editing before posting the imported listings from ebay. Someday maybe I'll read the instructions FIRST! LOL So we will see if I have any more success there than on etsy or ebay. In these rough financial waters I say any port in a storm!

I'm working on another little flannel quilt and will post both flannel quilts soon. This one has a baseball theme and it's really turning out quite cute.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm setting up shop at Bonanzle. My booth should be all set up by tomorrow so come by and check it out. I'm set up as grandmabarbara. It will have the same stuff I have on ebay and etsy right now, but that may change as time goes on. At any rate, go to and check things out.
I'm working on a new item - a key fob or key ring - and I hope to have some made and posted tomorrow. I'm thinking they would make a great freebee for tote purchasers and something I could sell in lots for gifts like assorted ones for Valentine's Day.

I have NARFE meeting today so I don't expect to get much done in the way of sewing. NARFE stands for National Active and Retired Federal Employees. My chapter is full of fun and interesting people and it's a good chance to get out and talk to humans for a change. If you've ever worked for the Fed, check out your local chapter. Nationally the group works on protecting our benefits and trying to get beneficial legislation passed. Check it out at

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Today is an historic day. No matter what your politics, the peaceful transition of power in this country is amazing. You don't see it too many other places. I heard someone comment about the good feeling in this country right now. And I realized that's how I feel. Good. Without a good crystal ball we don't know what the future will hold, but, for the first time in a long time, I feel hopeful. May the powers of the universe shine on this country and know that our intent is to do good. And my they help our new president to put that intent into action.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Got my angel tote listed today. I've had this fabric for some time - less than a yard - and just didn't know what to do with it. It turned out better than I had expected and I'll be glad to keep it if it doesn't sell. I quilted it around the larger angel pictures and put a little plain pocket on the front. The inside is a bright pink tone-on-tone fern print and sets it off very nicely. I just love all the pastel colors and the country style angels.
I'm currently working on a patchwork flannel baby quilt, trying to use up all the leftovers. It will be a 4-patch block assembled raggy style with white flannel on the back. It has all the usual baby pastels - pink, blue, green and yellow. I should be finished with it tomorrow.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

What in interesting morning! The lady from Heritage Makers was at my friend's house and she scanned in about 120 pictures for me. It was sooo fast! Now they are all on my flash drive, waiting for me to do something with them. The company this lady works for or with is Heritage Makers and they offer some good products - professional looking books that you can assemble on line using your pictures and their templates and accoutrements. Check them out at (I'm not getting anything for recommending them, it's just an interesting concept.)

I also got a chance to chat with some other friends this afternoon so it was a totally social day. Very enjoyable.

Hopefully I'll have some sunshine tomorrow to take some pictures of my latest tote and get it listed. At any rate tomorrow will be an "at home" day. We'll see if I actually get anything accomplished. LOL

Friday, January 16, 2009

It's late, but I wanted to write something. I finally finished another tote today. It's mainly blue with some other pastels with an angel print. Very prim and very cute. No sun by the time I got it finished so no pictures yet.

Tomorrow I go to a friend's house to have some old pictures scanned. She has a lady coming in that does high speed scanning and the more pictures she scans the cheaper it is. She can do like 500 in an hour! That will get one long pending chore done. I have so many old photos it was hard to pick out the box full that I'm taking. They are all family - me, mom & dad, grandparents, great-grandparents and one great aunt.

Buddy is doing well; his eye continues to get smaller though not at the same rate as when he first started the meds. I think he feels better. We go back for a recheck on Jan. 26.

Gotta get off to bed since I need to make an early start tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I just listed this tote I made from what I think is vintage fabric. Both pieces were only 36" wide and I know I haven't seen that in a while. And I think the print is kinda 70's, too. If I can remember back that far! LOL They say that if you can remember the 70's you weren't there so . . . BTW, the lining is solid orange, like sherbet.
Thought for the day: "Most folks are about as happy at they make up their minds to be." Abraham Lincoln

Monday, January 12, 2009

I think Buddy's specialist visit was a success. The doctor looked at his eyes with all kinds of instruments and lights and said he isn't sure why Buddy has the increased pressure in his eye. He said, in cats, glaucoma is usually caused by some kind of inflammation and he couldn't see any in Buddy's eyes. He increased the dosage of Buddy's glaucoma med to 1 whole tablet twice a day and gave me an ointment to put in the eye, all towards reducing the fluid retention. He wants to see Buddy again in two weeks. He sounded very optimistic. I really like this doctor.

While we were there a couple came in with a huge Malamute mix. When she was weighed the vet tech said she weighed 145 lbs!! Can you imagine that much dog. She was very shaggy and seemed very sweet.

Tonight I have my women's group meeting so I'll have some good news about Buddy. I feel really good about his prognosis. I've been sorting through some fabrics and have some up with two combos for totes - 1 Valentine print and 1 Angel print. My little pink mini tote just sold so I'm happy about that. All in all, it's been a good day!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

In the midst of a hectic Sunday I finally got my latest quilt pressed, photographed and listed on etsy and ebay. I really love this fabric and I hope someone out there does too. I started on another tote yesterday, but I haven't been able to get back to it today. I'm not sure where I got the fabric, but it must be vintage as it's only 36" wide. Haven't seen that in a while, have we, ladies?

Tomorrow Buddy goes to the specialist tomorrow to see if we can save his eye. The pill popping is getting harder as he's learning how to spit it out instead of swallowing. Not sure I got it down him this evening, but I certainly don't want to overdose him so won't try again. Will post after we get home tomorrow.
Quote for the day: "The whales do not sing because they have an answer, They sing because they have a song." unk

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Buddy has had two doses of his new meds and, if my eyes aren't deceiving me, it looks like it's working. His eye doesn't seem to bulge as much. I do worry about his good eye. The pressure there was normal and I don't know if the meds will affect it, but, hopefully, we will be able to save his eye.

Friday, January 9, 2009

OK, after a very frustrating day, Buddy has an appointment with the specialist Monday morning and is on glaucoma meds for the time being. This will be fun; pills and cats don't mix very well, but they are tiny pills and I have a pill popper so I'm hoping I won't lose any fingers. He's very good and I don't think he'll give me any problems.

At least I got two totes cut out today and actually started on one while also getting a rag quilt clipped. God, I'm good!!!
Today I'm pacing the floor when I'm not cutting out some new totes. I took one of my cats, Buddy, to the vet yesterday 'cause he has a curious bulge in one of his eyeballs. The vet was very concerned and wanted him to to go a veterinary eye clinic. The appointment was late and my vet wasn't able to talk to the vet at the referral clinic, but she faxed all the info and told me to call them first thing this morning. Well, this morning I called. First they couldn't find the fax and then they said my vet would have to talk to their vet. I called my vet's office (I know she's not in this morning, but she said to call if I needed help) and told them she needed to call the referral vet. Well, that was 2 hours ago! I hate to pester the referral vet's office, but I don't know if they will call me when the "talk" takes place or if I need to call them. My vet is worried that Buddy's eye will rupture and he'll lose his sight in that eye. She thinks prompt intervention might save it. I'm just so frustrated. I hate being caught between the two vets. Meanwhile, I'm staying close to the phone even though I really need to make a grocery run.

Here's an old picture of Buddy. It's hard to take good pictures of a black cat. It doesn't show what a really handsome man he is. I rescued him about 5 years ago when he was attacked by another cat in my backyard. He had a nasty wound to his front leg and I nursed him until it healed. He also acquired the FIV virus from that fight, but has never had any disease symptoms. That shows that FIV positive cats can live a long and healthy life. He's about 8 now and going strong, except for the eye.
I'll post more when I know more.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thought for the day: "Life is not about weathering the storm; it's about learning to dance in the rain." unk

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I finished this great tote last night and got it listed on ebay and etsy this morning. It was an experiment and it worked out pretty well. It would make a great weekender bag or laptop case or craft or book tote.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


It's Sunday and all of my favorite pro football teams have been playing themselves right out of the playoffs so I guess I'll sew today.

Yesterday I made a cute wallet and eyeglass case for my friend, Lynn.

Then I started on a black and white tote made from leftover fabric from my granddaughter's Christmas quilt. Hopefully I'll get more sewing done today than I did yesterday.

Yesterday I also spent an inordinate amount of time trying to figure out how to put more stuff on my blog page. Maybe I'm trying too hard. It's fine like it is. That's a hard thing for a perfectionist to say. For us it's never quite right. I am learning to say "it's good enough". I did learn how to do a Facebook chat from my dgd. She's very patient with her "old granny".
Quote for the day: "If your ship hasn't come in - SWIM OUT TO IT!"

Friday, January 2, 2009

This is my first blog post so I will give you a bit of history as to how I got to this point.

A while back a friend of mine showed me a cute tote bag she had made in an unusual manner. It was at that moment I discovered rag quilting. I already knew how to sew (since 9th grade Home Ec) and I was already selling on ebay so I thought this might be fun. I started with simple flat totes, learned how to do throws and quilts and bags with gussets. I had tried regular quilting once upon a time, but never really got into it. Now I can combine my love of fabrics and putting prints and colors together with the fun of sewing rag quilts.

My favorite fabric for raggies is anything with roses. I love the Shabby Chic/Cottage Chic/Romantic look. I've also just started doing some strip pieced quilts with the blocks joined raggy style. These quilts are so much fun!

I also make and sell non-raggy totes. The fabric is quilted to fusible fleece interfacing and the totes are quite sturdy.

In addition to sewing, I take care of a housefull of cats that originated as foster cats for a local adoption group. When these guys didn't get adopted I kept them. It's a zoo, but I love them all.

I'm hoping to keep you up to date on current projects and the zany actions of my zoo.