Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I wanted to announce that I'm trying a new product in my Etsy shop - fabric paper dolls. I remember fondly the many, many hours I spent as a child, playing with my paper dolls. The set I remember best were of  The Lennon Sisters. And I always cut out the Betsy McCall dolls and clothes from my mom's McCall's magazines. 

Well, recently I was browsing in Etsy and found someone who was offering these fabric paper dolls. They intrigued me so I did some research. I found that the fabric was designed by Sibling Arts Studio. The fabric line all started when the three sisters inherited a 1930's paper doll collection from their Great-Aunt Lindy. They are now used in a widely-known fabric collection offered by Windham, Blue Hill and Newcastle Fabrics.

I think the fabrics were originally intended to be used for quilts and wall hangings and such, but someone got the brilliant idea of cutting out the dolls and clothes, fusing them to Peltex and fusible fleece and selling the sets as a great "quiet" toy. I also found that this has been going on for several years, unbeknownst to me, but I'm jumping in now. 

I currently have listed a collection of dolls from around the world like Colleen, from Ireland, and Tamia, from Japan. Keep on the lookout for additional dolls.



I currently have 7 different dolls listed. Each comes with one or more native costumes plus dresses and accessories. The cost depends on the number of clothes. The dolls are fused to Peltex for stiffness and come with a stand. The clothes are fused to fleece and they cling very nicely to the doll.

To make it easy for a child to carry their paper dolls with them, I've designed a cute little messenger bag style tote with pockets on the outside flap as well as inside to keep everything safely stowed away. The bag has a velcro closure that's easy for little fingers to operate. The long strap is suitable for cross-body wear. I have one listed currently in sparkly pink with more on the way. I'll also be glad to work with customers on other colors.

tote - outside

tote - inside

I think these dolls are adorable and would make a great gift. They are perfect for when a quiet toy is needed like church, travel or waiting rooms. And everyone could benefit from a break from the world of cyber-electronic toys. 

Any input or feedback on these dolls would be appreciated.