Sunday, March 28, 2010


A few days ago I finally fired up the ole sewing machine and got down to making totes. The first uses charm squares from MODA - these are called Rural Jardin by French General. I love the classic French floral designs in these great colors. I lined the tote with a cream tone on tone print. I'm thinking of listing this one on Etsy so, if you're interested, keep an eye out.

The second tote is made using charm squares from the Glory collection by Kathy Schmitz LLC for MODA. I combined the patriotic print squares with squares of recycled denim for real down-home American style. The lining is a deep red tone-on-tone tiny floral print. This is the third tote I've made from this collection and I think I'm gonna have to make one for me! It's perfect for all those casual outfits. Although this particular tote is already spoken for, if you want one, let me know.

I have one more set of charm squares ready to sew up into a tote. They are from the Kashmir IV collection by Sentimental Studios for MODA. If you are familiar with the Kashmir collections, you know that they are lovely paisley prints and this particular one is in pale pinks, blues and greens. The tote will have a pale green lining and pale pink straps. I should have a pic posted in the next couple of days.

Along with sewing I've been taking advantage of the great weather we've been having to do some yardwork. There is something very theraputic about pulling weeds and trimming shrubs, don'tcha' think?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I just wanted to post a pic of our handsome houseguest. Jessie belongs to neighbor and is staying with us while neighbor is out of town for a couple of days. He's a young adult and, according to neighbor, a real wild man. Of course being in a strange place with a bunch of strange cats has him a bit subdued for the moment. He does let me pet him and seems to like it.

This pic is of him in his crate where he has chosen to stay for the time being. The other cats are a bit curious, but don't seem to be fazed by our visitor. Jessie has been hissing a bit when anyone gets too close, but so far there have been no "incidents". I'm hoping Jessie will come out soon and provide a good playmate for Cody. At any rate, we are honored to have Jessie as a guest and I hope his stay is a pleasant one for everyone.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Since everyone likes the kitty pics so much, I thought I would post these. The first is like a "Where's Waldo?" Can you find Mr. G? Hint - he's in the tree somewhere.

Well, here he is, in his alternate look-out spot. Doesn't it look like he's smiling? He does look awfully comfortable.

And here's a pic of something new I'm trying in the pots this spring. This is Uno, a little feral cat I've been feeding. He's a real cutie and will let me pet him in exchange for food. No food, no petting is his rule. He's a sweetie, though.

I can't believe we are half-way thru March already. I know I've been busier than usual with yard work and a friend in the hospital, but wow!!! The weather here has turned very nice and mild. Lots of sun, some nice breeze and nice temps. This is the kind of weather we wish for when it's hot and humid in August or cold and rainy in January. Too bad it can't be like this all year, but maybe we just wouldn't appreciate it quite so much.