Tuesday, June 30, 2009


I was so lucky lately to have sold two of my totes to volunteers with a local animal adoption group called HOPE (Homeless and Orphaned Pet Endeavor). I went to the site at a local Petco a couple of weeks ago to pick up some kitty hammocks from another volunteer and took my doggie print tote for a "show & tell". One of the dog foster parents fell in love with it and bought it then and there!

In addition, a cat foster mom asked if I could make one with cats on it and I said that of course I could. I delivered it this weekend and, again, it was a big hit. I loved the fabrics and I'm so glad each tote has found a good home.

I'm currently working on a rag quilt that features another cat print in pinks and purples on cream. I'll post a picture as soon as I'm finished.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Due to popular demand, I've managed to get more pictures of Mr. Squirrel (his new name) and have posted them here today. These are not the greatest pics as I took them thru the back bedroom window using the close up feature on the camera. Anyway, this is Mr. Squirrel eating cat food (Friskies Signature Blend to be specific) from the bowls left on the deck for the outside kitties.

You can see that he is a very neat eater, as opposed to those messy doves. They like to stand in the bowls and tip them over! In the last pic you can see him washing his meal down with some fresh water. Of course he still loves the bird seed, especially those scrumptious sunflower seeds and I see him daily, dangling by his toes, feasting away. He lets me get fairly close to him and freely admits he's an incorrigible squirrel. I even think I heard a little giggle as I walked away. Of course that could have been the heat, too! Anyway, enjoy the pics and the continuing saga of Mr. Squirrel.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I tried to get a picture of the squirrel eating from the small bird feeder. He is hanging from a limb by his back feet and snacking away. I couldn't get any closer without chasing him away. I believe this is the same squirrel who was romancing my cat, but, of course, you can never be sure unless they have some unique feature.

This particular feeder keeps getting taken down because they squirrels knaw at the cord hanger. I thought some hot sauce on the cord last time would solve that problem, but didn't. Then I got a brainstorm (dangerous thing! lol). I used picture hanging wire and it seems to be working. The wire is flexible enough to loop through the feeder, but hard to chew through. We'll see how long it holds up.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sorry to have been away so long, but I've been busy, ok? I did a floor to ceiling cleaing of the kitchen, breakfast area and laundry nook. It was a lot of work, took me four days, but I must say everything looks really nice. I took everything out of the cabinets and managed to weed out alot of stuff. By the time I was done I had nearly two big boxes of stuff to go to the charity shop.

Since the kitchen was all clean and neat, I decided I would install a new kitchen faucet. The old was was leaky so it was time. I did that yesterday. I had forgotten what a chore working under the kitchen sink can be! There's so much to work around besides the pipes. Like the diswasher connection and the garbage disposal. I don't know how these big men plumbers do it. It took several hours, a cut finger and scraped knuckles, but it's done!! And it looks so nice. Works great, too!! Well, except for the sprayer. It works great, but isn't totally secure. I need someone to hold the top down while I go under the sink to screw down the nut that keeps it down My arms just aren't long enough to do both. I even tried locking pliers, but there's just not much to hold on to so I'll wait for visitors.

The weather has turned hot, hot, hot!!! That's the usual norm for Houston, but it's a couple of weeks early. And we need rain really bad!! If you have rain in your area, could you please send some of it down this way? My water bill is going to go thru the roof!! And tap water isn't all that good for the lawn either.

Mr. Squirrel is still visiting, but mostly in the backyard. For the third time already they've chewed thru the cord of the smaller bird feeder. I tried putting hot sauce on it last time, but I guess it's worn off. I need to see if I can find some light, flexible wire this time. I don't mind them eating the seed, but I wish they wouldn't demolish the feeders!!!

Today is Sunday and I'm trying to take it easy and recover from yesterday's work. Who knew plumbing would use so many different muscles!?!? I'm hoping to get the last blocks for my strip quilt done today so I'd better get to it.

And I want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog. I love looking on the FeedJit feed and see where everyone is coming in from. Amazing!!! Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment, if you want to.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Well, who'd a thunk it? I got an award!! It's the "2009 Friendly Blogger Award". It came from Missy who has the blog "Life in Left Field". I'm sorry, but I accidentally deleted her comment that passed the award on to me. (There are days when I shouldn't be allowed near a computer! lol) Anyway, thanks so much for the award, Missy. I'll post it proudly on my blog and ponder on who I should pass it on to. And y'all go check out Missy's blog at http://left-field-missy.blogspot.com/.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Go check out my blog on http://blogger.com/RagQueenQuilters regarding sites that help feed homeless pets. Of course you can just come to my blog everyday, click the links to FreeKibble.com, FreeKibbleKat.com and TheAnimalRescueSite.com. The Rag Queen Quilter blog has a number of different writers writing about all sorts of things, mostly pertaining to rag quilting. I usually write for Tuesday on recycling and reusing to create crafty sorts of things.

Monday, June 1, 2009


Just saw a great giveaway on "The Fabric Shopper" blog. Can you imagine winning 30 beautiful fat quarters by Denyse Schmidt? That would be way cool!! Go check it out at http://the-fabric-shopper.blogspot.com/ I'll tell you that I've already entered and, as much as I like you, I hope I win! lol