Sunday, June 14, 2009


Sorry to have been away so long, but I've been busy, ok? I did a floor to ceiling cleaing of the kitchen, breakfast area and laundry nook. It was a lot of work, took me four days, but I must say everything looks really nice. I took everything out of the cabinets and managed to weed out alot of stuff. By the time I was done I had nearly two big boxes of stuff to go to the charity shop.

Since the kitchen was all clean and neat, I decided I would install a new kitchen faucet. The old was was leaky so it was time. I did that yesterday. I had forgotten what a chore working under the kitchen sink can be! There's so much to work around besides the pipes. Like the diswasher connection and the garbage disposal. I don't know how these big men plumbers do it. It took several hours, a cut finger and scraped knuckles, but it's done!! And it looks so nice. Works great, too!! Well, except for the sprayer. It works great, but isn't totally secure. I need someone to hold the top down while I go under the sink to screw down the nut that keeps it down My arms just aren't long enough to do both. I even tried locking pliers, but there's just not much to hold on to so I'll wait for visitors.

The weather has turned hot, hot, hot!!! That's the usual norm for Houston, but it's a couple of weeks early. And we need rain really bad!! If you have rain in your area, could you please send some of it down this way? My water bill is going to go thru the roof!! And tap water isn't all that good for the lawn either.

Mr. Squirrel is still visiting, but mostly in the backyard. For the third time already they've chewed thru the cord of the smaller bird feeder. I tried putting hot sauce on it last time, but I guess it's worn off. I need to see if I can find some light, flexible wire this time. I don't mind them eating the seed, but I wish they wouldn't demolish the feeders!!!

Today is Sunday and I'm trying to take it easy and recover from yesterday's work. Who knew plumbing would use so many different muscles!?!? I'm hoping to get the last blocks for my strip quilt done today so I'd better get to it.

And I want to say thank you to everyone who reads my blog. I love looking on the FeedJit feed and see where everyone is coming in from. Amazing!!! Thanks for visiting and please leave a comment, if you want to.


  1. Cleaning is work ... I'm too busy to do that, chuckle! We put oil on or bird feeders cause they can't get a grasp or footing, a riot to WATCH them try. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Sounds like you have a very productive week. It is an awesome feeling when you have finished spring cleaning. You stand back and look in awe of what you have done. Kudos to you!

  3. Good for you with all that cleaning! I did the easy way out and painted! Almost ready to do the curtains. Enjoy the stories & pictures about your squirrel!


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