Saturday, June 20, 2009


Due to popular demand, I've managed to get more pictures of Mr. Squirrel (his new name) and have posted them here today. These are not the greatest pics as I took them thru the back bedroom window using the close up feature on the camera. Anyway, this is Mr. Squirrel eating cat food (Friskies Signature Blend to be specific) from the bowls left on the deck for the outside kitties.

You can see that he is a very neat eater, as opposed to those messy doves. They like to stand in the bowls and tip them over! In the last pic you can see him washing his meal down with some fresh water. Of course he still loves the bird seed, especially those scrumptious sunflower seeds and I see him daily, dangling by his toes, feasting away. He lets me get fairly close to him and freely admits he's an incorrigible squirrel. I even think I heard a little giggle as I walked away. Of course that could have been the heat, too! Anyway, enjoy the pics and the continuing saga of Mr. Squirrel.


  1. Thanks for sharing again the adventures of Mr. Squirrel. You should buy him some pecans in the shell....poor baby; having to eat cat food. He's not teeny tiny, either, is he? How fun! And I will forward to the next chapter.

  2. At least your Mr. Squirrel is polite. Our squirrels throw walnut hulls at us and sometime enough pee on us when we sit out side under the trees. I know they do it on purpose because they will do this right over our heads. and there is plenty of other branches for them to climb on.

  3. Oh, golly! A chunky little one ... think he's not in need of any dessert. Chuckle!
    TTFN ~Marydon

  4. We rescued a teeny baby squirrel once, and raised him til he took off in the back yard by himself. Such cute creatures! And thanks for your nice comments on my blog about Spanky. We'll just make sure he knows we love him thru whatever happens next.


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