Monday, January 12, 2009

I think Buddy's specialist visit was a success. The doctor looked at his eyes with all kinds of instruments and lights and said he isn't sure why Buddy has the increased pressure in his eye. He said, in cats, glaucoma is usually caused by some kind of inflammation and he couldn't see any in Buddy's eyes. He increased the dosage of Buddy's glaucoma med to 1 whole tablet twice a day and gave me an ointment to put in the eye, all towards reducing the fluid retention. He wants to see Buddy again in two weeks. He sounded very optimistic. I really like this doctor.

While we were there a couple came in with a huge Malamute mix. When she was weighed the vet tech said she weighed 145 lbs!! Can you imagine that much dog. She was very shaggy and seemed very sweet.

Tonight I have my women's group meeting so I'll have some good news about Buddy. I feel really good about his prognosis. I've been sorting through some fabrics and have some up with two combos for totes - 1 Valentine print and 1 Angel print. My little pink mini tote just sold so I'm happy about that. All in all, it's been a good day!!

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  1. Glad Buddy is doing better. You are so brave to take in so many strays. Good thing I can sort of keep my hubby in check or we would have a dozen dogs and a dozen


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