Monday, April 27, 2009


Yesterday way my grandson's 10th birthday. I can't believe it's been 10 years since I held that tiny, red headed baby in my arms for the first time. What an emotional time that was for me. I didn't get to know my granddaughter until she was three because that's when my son and I were reunited. My grandson I got to know from the beginning.

It was so emotional for me as I had given my son up for adoption when he was born and never got to hold him. Being able to hold my grandson was such a gift. His mom and dad even left me alone with him! Can you believe that? I was in heaven.

I haven't been able to spend nearly enough time with him. When he was three I made an emergency trip up there because his dad was having surgery. My grandson, daughter-in-law and I went out to lunch and he still remembers everything about that day, right down to the jello he had.

My grandson is good and smart and loving. I'm so proud of the young man he is becoming. My grandson was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome a couple of years ago and has made incredible progress. He's now in regular school classes and doing quite well. What amazes me the most is his musical ability. He certainly didn't get that from my side of the family. Most in my family couldn't carry a tune in a paper sack, but there are some exceptions. My grandson is also into stick figure animation and even has one posted on YouTube! He even composed a sound track for it. Is that great or what?

I'm one lucky grandma, that's for sure. Through sheer luck and perserverance I found my son and we have forged a good relationship. Add in a beautiful, talented granddaughter and a handsome, talented grandson - what more could I ask for?


  1. I can tell you are so very proud of your grandson and you should be. It sounds like he is doing very well. Thank you for shareing.


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