Sunday, April 5, 2009


My favorite day of the week is still Sunday. Even when you don't work a "regular" job, Sunday has a special "do what you want" quality. At least it does for me. I have a more leisurely breakfast of pancakes and sausage or bacon. I read the voluminous paper and start on the Sunday crossword. Sometimes I stay in my jammies a while longer than usual. And I don't feel pressed to do anything "useful". Many times I do "work", creating a quilt or tote or doing some sort of household or yard chore.

Today I have the windows and doors open and the breeze is nice. The cats are all gathered at the doors and windows, inhaling the outside air and taking in the outside smells. It's so springy today that I can't believe the forecast is for temps in the 30's on Tuesday morning. That's ok, I'm certainly not ready for summer quite yet.

Just a heads up for all you bargain hunters. It looks like the eBay Quilters' Corner Group's (QGC)Red Tag Sale will be starting on the 14th this month. Be sure to check in for some out of this world deals. I'll be listing a number of totes and quilts at HALF PRICE!

Today I'll be working on some long-postponed genealogy projects. I was able to get a lot of old pictures scanned into my flash drive and need to get them on the computer and identified. I want to do a family history book for my son and grandkids and pictures are essential. I may even post some of the more interesting ones here in the blog.

Have a great Sunday!!

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