Tuesday, April 7, 2009


By popular request (ok, a couple), I'm posting more old pictures. I got finished with the 124 photos on my flash drive so my next job is to use my flatbed scanner to scan in some tintypes and some framed pictures that wouldn't go through the rapid scanner.

Here are a few pictures tracing my maternal line - my grandmother and my mother.

This is a picture of my maternal grandmother Georgianna Miller, on the right, with her big sister, Rebecca Miller. I'm thinking Georgianna was around 5 when this picture was taken which would date it about 1870.

This pair is my maternal grandparents, Lewis Cass Mobley and Georgianna Miller Mobley (yes, that's her in the picture above). The occasion is Lewis' 79th birthday on 21 Feb. 1930.

This is a picture of my parents, Harold Ervin Galentin and Nellie Mobley Galentin, probably taken right after they got married in 1928. Cute couple, huh?

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  1. So wonderful that you have all these pictures. I have very few and hold them dear. So neat to see all these. Keep up the good work.


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