Friday, April 10, 2009


What a crazy Friday it's been. I have friends in Mena, Arkansas, where the tornado struck last night. Luckily they are ok and the house and cars and the cat are all ok. They have a house there that's about 100 years old, but it's still standing. They lost shingles and both brick chimneys, the garage and the shed. A tree fell on the corner of a storage building. The worst is the loss of trees. They lost a bunch of pecan trees and a 100-year old oak tree. Part of the magnolia tree is gone, too. My friends' two sons are coming from out of town to help with the clean up. I think the worst is being without electricity - I know it was for me during and after Ike. Without electricity you are virtually cut off from the outside world. No TV, no computer. Thanks goodness they have a corded phone.

I love Mena - it's such a pretty little town, or was, anyway. Being a small town, I know the people there will work together and help each other out and they will survive. I still want to move there and I will - as soon as I win the lottery!!

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