Sunday, April 26, 2009


I just found the greatest idea for a quilt design wall at the "Quilting on a Budget" blog. It's a great idea for those of us who just don't have the wall space for a permanent design wall. You can read all about it at

I bought a vinyl tablecloth with the felted backing to use for quilt layout and now I have a idea on how to put it up and where!! Now all I need is a tension rod and I'm good to go!!

Today is Sunday and it's supposed to be my lazy day, but I think I'd better get out and mow the grass before the house gets swallowed up in it! With all this rain you can almost see the grass growing before your very eyes! At least I can mow the dry spots. Hey, the exercise will do me good. And it's supposed to rain Monday and/or Tuesday, so now's the time to get to it.

I also need to seriously think about replacing the faucet and all in the master bath bathtub. Ugh!! I've done a lot of minor plumbing around the house - replacing kitchen and bathroom faucets, commode repairs - but this is a bit trickier. There's no separate water cut-off for the bathtub so I'll have to turn the water off for the whole house. I'm just worried that I'll get into some sort of situation where I won't be able to turn the water back on until someone comes out to straighten out the mess I made. Oh, well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say!! Geez, I love being a homeowner!!! lol

I hope everyone reading this has a great Sunday! TTFN

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  1. Barbara you are so handy! I read that design wall blog too. They always have good things on quilting on a budget blog.


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