Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, my computer seems to have come through the "worm scare" unscathed. But, then, the worm doesn't seem to have actually reared its ugly head, yet. I've done everything recommended and have been able to access the Microsoft website and the sites of other security providers so I think I'm ok.

I have a small rant. I went to my local WalMart Superstore for groceries and had to stop by the fabric department. I found some lovely Tutti Frutti fabric there for less than $2.50 a yard. I picked out a couple of coordinating fabrics and waited by the cutting table for service. There was no one in the area when I was ready. I did see one of the workers walk thru when I already had the bolts in my cart so she should have realized I would need to have it cut. Maybe they should put in a self-service cutting table like the self-service check out. That would be interesting, wouldn't it? Anyway, I finally walked away leaving the bolts on the table. Oh, well, it's not like I don't have fabric!! lol

Tomorrow Buddy goes back to the eye vet for a recheck. I had put the appointment down for next Thursday. Luckily the clinic usually calls the night before as a reminder. Here's hoping the pills and eyedrops are keeping the pressure down in his eye. (Buddy has glaucoma in his right eye, but still has vision. Surgery is not a good option so we are trying different meds to see if we can bring the pressure down and save his vision.) I will let ya'll know what the doc says.

I love the vet there. He has the cutest little mustache that curls up on the ends. And he's very good - explains everything and always answers my questions without talking down to me. I appreciate that very much.

My neighbor is coming over tomorrow to look at the part of the fence that Hurricane Ike took down and let me know how much the materials will cost to put up a new one. Hopefully it won't be too bad and I can get it done soon. It looks sooo awful right now. Here's a picture taken right after the hurricane. The fence is now propped up, but is all askew. I'll post a new pic when it's fixed.

Nothing else of significance to talk about at present. I hope everyone has had an uneventful day.

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  1. I'm glad about Buddy's eyes being better, and I TOTALLY understand about your WalMart fabric cutting experience. Same thing has happened to me before too. Maddening!


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