Monday, April 6, 2009


It's windy and cool this morning, but it's going to be a beautiful day! Slept a bit late, but feel really rested and refreshed. Show's what a good night's sleep can do for you!!

Yesterday I started on a project of editing and naming 124 scanned old photos. I did make a dent, but have many more to do. It was fun walking down memory lane and also trying to determine who some of these people were and when the photo was taken. I wanted to post a few here just because I can. I'll be working on them more today since I can't get started on the family history "book" for my son until the pictures are done. And now, since I'm in the genealogy mood, I want to do more research on my dad's paternal grandmother's family. I recently found what I'm pretty sure is her family and I want to try to find more info to confirm that. I love solving a mystery!!

This is my mom's family taken in 1918. My mom is the smallest girl and she was 10 at the time.

This is me and my mom in 1954, strolling down Central Avenue in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Please note the "scarf on the wrist" fashion statement!

This is my mom and dad with my paternal grandfather and grandmother. I think it was taken in early 1947, before I was born. Grampa had had a stroke many years before, but died a few months before I was born. For some reason, mom doesn't look too happy in this picture. Maybe morning sickness?

If you want to see more, I'll be glad to post them. I know some people won't find them nearly as interesting as I do!


  1. It is wonderful you putting names to your old pictures. My dad tried to get my grandmother to do it before she died. But by that time she really couldn't remember very well. So now we have all these beautiful pictures and don't know who the people are or what is going on. I would love to see more pictures. Love the scarf on your wrist. Trish

  2. I also have a stack of photos that are unidentified people, but luckily most of mine are close family.

  3. I think this is wonderful! What a great topic to blog about! I hope you post more....I love looking at old pictures.


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