Thursday, April 2, 2009


We made it to the vet on time today, though it was beginning to look doubtful. We had to wait just a bit, but it was quiet except for a couple of cute dogs so that was ok. Dr. Herman was happy with Buddy's progress - the pressure was down in both eyes. We are to keep with the same regimen of pills and drops twice a day plus the ointment once a day. He said to come back in THREE MONTHS!!! That's good news!! I think Buddy was happy to hear that, too, but with cats it's sometimes hard to tell. I know he was happy to get home. His right eye is still much larger than the left, but he still has vision in both eyes and that's a good thing, to quote Martha.

My neighbor dropped by to look at the fence and we decided to do the part that's on the side of the front yard first, since that's what everyone sees, then do the backyard part later. Fine with me! He's going to Home Depot tomorrow to see what the supplies will cost and get back to me. Unless it's more than a couple hundred, which I doubt, I want to go ahead with it. That broken down old fence is a real eyesore!!

Still working on my green strip quilt and I have done 11 of 20 blocks so I'm more than half-way done. I'm getting some pale green flannel for the back. Too bad I couldn't have had it done for St. Patrick's Day, but . . . . I can't wait to start putting it together.


  1. Glad Buddy is doing better. Can't wait to see your green strip quilt.

  2. I am a trivia nut and love playing the kibble trivia for dogs and cats on your blog.

    Glad Buddys eyes seem to be doing well even if he doesn't show any excitment about it. lol


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