Friday, May 1, 2009


I can't believe it's May 1st already! I guess summer's on its way for sure now. It was in the low 70's this morning and on the humid side. At least there's a breeze and I can have the windows open for a while to air the place out.

No vet call yesterday regarding Goldie's blood work. No surprise there. They will call the minute I leave the house. Never fails!! lol

Thought I'd post a few more cute cat pics since people seem to like that sort of thing. Catch ya'll later!!

These two are Barney and Charlie. Can you tell they are brothers? They have a third brother, Twitty (formerly known as Junior), who is also black and white. They aren't always this loving; you know how sibling rivalry is.

This is Twitty watching his favorite TV show, "Rachel Ray". He really loves chasing the "crawl" across the bottom of the screen.

This pair is Ben and Jerry (can you tell who makes my favorite ice cream?). They are cream point boys and were my first rescues back in 2000. They are the sweetest boys in the whole world!


  1. Now how did you get them to do all that posing? What wonderful pics! I was hoping to see Buddy! How's he doing?

    You have beautiful fur babies!

  2. Wonderful pictures! LOve you babies!


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