Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I now have my patriotic disappearing nine-patch quilt all sewn together and ready to clip. Hopefully I'll get that done and have pictures in a couple of days. It's really coming together nicely. I've used denim on the back with white flannel in the middle for a little punch.

Another great thing has come out of this project - I now have figured out where to put my temporary design wall. I bought a flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth at Walmart a while back, but with little spare wall space, I couldn't figure out where to put it. Yesterday I was in the small entry hall I have and the proverbial light bulb came on. On the one wall without a door I had hung my first quilt project - an Ohio Star wallhanging. I have it on a dowel, hanging from a couple of cup hooks. I thought, "ok, I can work with this." I found a longer, narrower dowel, attached the tablecloth with some safety pins and hung it on the cup hooks. Just the right amount of space and good lighting, too. Here are a couple of "before and after" pics.

This is the wall as usual with wall hanging.

This is the "design wall" with patriotic quilt inital layout.

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  1. That works out real good, Barbara. I love your patriotic blocks and can't wait to see the quilt!


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