Friday, May 8, 2009


I should have started taking pictures of this project sooner, but, oh well!! I'm making two totes from a charm pack from MODA of the "Gypsy Rose" collection by Joanna Firueroa of Fig Tree Quilts. This is a beautiful collection of fabrics with soft, rich colors and sort of boho florals and prints. This project used 36 of the 38 squares in the collection. Not enough for even a small throw quilt, but good for two mini totes. The lining will be a very pale shell pink floral. I'm not sure about pockets, but there should be at least one interior pocket. I also need to come up with something for the straps. Anyway, this is a picture of the four blocks I created. I really love this look and I'm sure I'll try it again. I want to thank Fabricsnquilts for the tutorial she posted in our Quilters Corner Group. You can also find other tutorials/instructions on the net. It's a very easy way to make very interesting blocks.

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  1. Very unique, can't wait to see them when you are finished!


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