Monday, May 25, 2009


This is a series of pictures I took of a squirrel who seems to have come courting one of my kitties. He sits in the tree outside the kitchen window, watching Katie. She often goes to the window to look out at him, too. (Sorry I don't have a picture of her looking out the window - I'll keep trying.) Their eyes meet and there's some sort of facination going on here.

He's such a cute squirrel and, yes, he is a he. lol He just sits or lays on that limb and looks in the window. Sometimes he's there for half an hour or more. That's a long time for squirrels who seem to be always on the go.

I'm not sure he liked having his picture taken, though. He was giving me "the look."

Katie has a history of cross-species crushes. For a while she was enamoured of a little lizard that spent time outside the kitchen window. When he was there she would come and get me and show me that he was there. She would fuss and fuss, looking at him and then looking at me. I think she wanted me to bring him inside. I don't know if she understood my explanation that lizards don't belong in the house. At least she hasn't asked that the squirrel come inside yet. lol



  1. Squirrels are so amazing to watch. They do some of the silliest things. Love the pictures!

  2. What a story! and a cute kitty too :)

  3. Too cute. Katie must be a gentle soul and the other critters can sense it. Great pics of Mr. Squirrel.

  4. She is. Katie is a very sweet girl, just like her mom (her kitty mom).


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