Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My momma cat, Goldie, went to the vet today to have her jaw xrayed to see if there was any root left from the tooth she lost. If there was they needed to go in and remove it to prevent infection. Luckily it had been resorbed (?) so no surgery was necessary. I had to have her at the vet between 7:30 and 8:00 this morning so we all got up extra early. I got to pick her up around 12:30, after she recovered from the anesthesia. She seems to be feeling fine if just a little miffed that I left her at the vet with no breakfast. She was all better after spending a bit of time at the food dish. lol She's a real sweetie.

Momma Goldie


  1. Great news! I'm glad for Goldie I hate dentices too.

  2. Just catching up on blogs.

    OK, give it up Barbara exactly how many cats do you have? I tried counting, but not sure you have shared them all. Anyway they are all adorable and you do such a good job taking care of them they must be some of the luckiest kitties in the world to have you!


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