Saturday, February 14, 2009


I started working on my tax return last night and it looks like I'll have to pay again this year. I just don't have enough withheld from my pension. I guess it's better to have that money to put in savings and earn interest rather than let Uncle have it . That outlook makes me feel better. I'll review all the numbers and make sure everything has been input correctly and then I'll file in April.

I do love Turbo Tax to do my return. Even though I spent over 30 years with the IRS, most of them explaining tax law to callers, I would rather trust the computations of Turbo Tax than try to do it on paper. I love that it walks me through all the possible deductions and all so I don't forget anything. And they have free electronic filing this year. It's nice with what they charge for the software.

On another note, my Quilter's Corner ebay group is having a Red Tag Sale starting tomorrow evening. You should be able to find the listings by searching QCG Red Tag. There will be all sorts of items, not just quilt-related, and some "mystery boxes" that should prove quite fun. I hope to have some things listed, too, so be sure to stop by in the next week and see the offerings.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there!!

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