Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Now that my company has come and gone, I've started sewing again. I'm working on a beautiful charm quilt made with two charm sets by MODA from the "Peace on Earth" collection. Contrary to the name, the colors are not reds and greens, but wonderful muted browns, blues, greens, golds and rusts. The patterns are reminicent of the "old country", very old European. My favorites are the antique map prints. And the beautiful florals. I have it almost finished. I needed to do the sewing around the edge, but just pooped out. Tomorrow I'll get that done and start clipping so you should be seeing pictures by Thursday, if not sooner.

I did have one sort of mishap with the quilt. I started out with 100 squares, but when it came time to start putting the strips together I could only come up with 99! I looked all around the sewing area and even in the living room where I assembled the "sandwiches". No luck. I made the adjustment in the layout and put the quilt together. About an hour ago I went in my bedroom and found the missing square up in the kitty condo! I don't know how it got there with all three, unsewn, layers intact. I guess that's one mystery that will never be solved!! My guess is that is turned into a cat toy somehow. Either that or it sprouted legs and moved itself!! LOL At least I found it, right?


  1. At least you didn't mail it out to one of your customers! LOL But now what do you do with that one lonely square since you changed your layout? I love Peace On Earth, the map prints are awesome.

  2. Yeah, it could have went the way of the wondering scissors....

  3. I'll never live down the scissor incident, will I?


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