Monday, March 28, 2011


Here's the second round robin quilt I worked on. It belongs to my buddy in eastern Pennsylvania, Maryellen. We call her ME for short. The first picture is how it was when I first received it. I just love the bright pinks, blues and golds in the original block. The second round picked up the blues and added shades of brown that really set off the original block. I love the pinwheel blocks at the corners. Since the blues were picked up in the second round I decided to pick up the pink in my round. I added strips of blue and gold in addition to the pink and I think it makes a nice impact. Below is the finished quilt. It is so beautiful and colorful, just like the originator. *smile* It's so much fun to see how each person's addition feeds off the earlier ones and adds another dimension to the quilt. Now this picture was taken before the seams were clipped so just imagine all the soft and fluffy seams adding even more to this unique quilt.

Everyone who quilts and has quilting buddies should try a round robin project. It's fun and a great challenge to your imagination. And you get a beautiful keepsake quilt at the end. Thanks to the ladies of the Quilters Corner Group on eBay for this great experience. Stay tuned for the rest of the quilts.

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  1. Barbara, I love what you added to my quilt. It really made it sparkle. Thanks for blogging it, too, so everyone can see what an amazing group of friends we all have! Hugs!


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