Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Today would have been my mother's 103rd birthday. I fully believe she would have been here to celebrate it if cervical cancer hadn't cruelly ended her life in May of 1984. Nellie Lois Mobley Galentin was a fighter, a survivor, an animal lover and a great mother.

Momma was born the youngest of nine children in 1908 rural Nebraska. As she was growing up her mom spent a lot of time away from home, nursing those sickened in the widespread Spanish influenze epidemic around the time of WWI. Luckily her dad was there to look after her. She grew up a very independant woman. Unusual in those days.

Nellie married my dad around 1928 or so (can't find a marriage certificate so far). It seemed she loved him. In the 1930's they moved to San Antonio, Texas. You can imagine the culture shock for someone raised "up north" to be in a city so vibrant that there were flowers blooming in the middle of winter. At that moment, my momma became a "Texan by choice". And she was so thrilled to have Texans celebrate every year on her birthday. (Of course Mar. 2 is also Texas Independence Day and Sam Houston's birthday for those of you deficient in Texas history.)

I didn't come along til my mom and dad had been married for 19 years and she was 39 years old. Talk about a surprise!!! I have been assured that it was a welcome surprise.

Me and momma in Hot Springs, Arkansas 1954

Because I was an only child I was wonderfully spoiled. As my mom had to grow up with a partially absent mother, she made sure she was always there for me. She wanted me to be an independent sort, but her closeness didn't always encourage that. However, I think I've become that woman over the years. I think she would be proud of me and what I've accomplished.

Even though she died a long time ago, I still miss her every day! She only went to school thru the 9th grade, but she had a hunger for learning. She just about wore out our Encyclopedia Brittanica looking up stuff. Oh, if only she had been alive in the age of the internet! My mom gave me an appreciation for learning and for life in general. I wish she had survived long enough to meet her grandson and great grandchildren. I know she's with me every day, supporting my every decision.

Happy Birthday, momma!!

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  1. I am sure you miss your mother very much and with no siblings to share in your loss that is very hard. You are an exceptional woman, Barbara. I really look forward to seeing you again and to always hear from you. You always have such uplifting things to say to everyone!
    Thanks for being my friend.


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