Monday, March 21, 2011


Last summer, seven of my online quilting buddies and I decided we would do our version of a round robin quilt project. Round robin quilts are quilts that start with a center block and are sent around to the other participants for their additions and then returned to the originator.

Normally the finished project would be a completed quilt top, ready to layer and quilt. Since not all of us are experienced traditional quilters, we decided that each addition would be joined rag quilt style. That way, when the quilt returned to the originator, it would be finished except for clipping.

This project was the most fun I've had since I participated in an art doll project a few years ago. It is indeed a challenge to come up with something interesting and new to add to the quilt that's come to you. Each person sent preferences as to colors and other things, but it was totally up to each person to add whatever she wanted.

This is a picture of my completed quilt, still unclipped at the time. The block in the center was my starting place. All I requested was that the additions be in earth tones. When I made my block I used some fat quarters I had that appealed to me in color and print. I had forgotten that I got those fat quarters in a swap some time back. How wonderful that some of the round robin participants also participated in that fat quarter swap. As a result my quilt has some of the fabrics in the center block continued throughout the quilt.

This quilt is HUGE!!! I know from the postage on the box that it weighed 7 lbs! The bed that it's shown on is a queen and it extends down all four sides. I can't tell you how thrilled I was when I opened that box and saw my quilt. I actually shed a few tears.

As soon as I get the quilt ready, it will go on my bed permanently. I am actually changing my decor to match. As you can see from the above picture, I even have someone just waiting to nap on it.
If I can get permission, I would like to post pictures of the other round robins as they came thru my sewing room. I took "before and after" pics of each one. All the participants posted pictures of their finished quilts in our group. It was really neat to see how each one turned out, especially the ones received early in the process.
Although our quilts went all over the country, this would be a nice project for a local quilting group. Even though it was hard sometimes to come up with something, the challenge was good for the brain. And the sense of accomplishment was wonderful.


  1. Oh, Barbara..your turned out so pretty. How fun for you, and you're going to have such fun redecorating your bedroom to match it.

  2. It's so beautiful! Such a nice size! Enjoy many nights cuddled underneath!


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