Sunday, April 3, 2011


Here's Round Robin Quilt number 3 as I received it. It is for my friend, Lynn, one of my Texas buddies. I think this quilt reflects her sweet personality perfectly. I just love all the pastel florals. Again, I love the pinwheel blocks, too! I'm going to have to work on mine so I can include them in future quilts. The original block is the pinwheel with the first row of squares. Next is how it looked after I added a row of squares in pastel florals in pink, blue and yellow. The hardest part of doing these round robin quilts is getting your addition to come out even when you're piecing it. Measuring and computing are not my strong suits, but this one came out pretty well. Here's a pic of Lynn's finished quilt. Isn't just precious? It looks so snuggly and pretty. The variety of prints is just astounding. I know that Lynn is very happy with her new quilt, too.

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