Saturday, April 9, 2011


The next round robin in line is from another of my Texas buddies - Lee. Lee loves purple! But, then, who doesn't? Here's her quilt as I received it. There's a beautiful star block in the middle with lots of lovely purple fabric all around. Of course I tore thru my stash looking for purple fabric to add my part. Not being an experienced quilter, I again chose squares for my addition. I added two rows of assorted purple fabrics from light to dark. This was a really fun addition, trying to get the sizes and proportions right. Good workout for the brain, I guess.
Here's the finished product. I love the addition of greens to the mix - a good color with purple. And the cream bits just add to the punch. I know that Lee will treasure this quilt for a long, long time, just like I do mine.

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  1. Wow. that turned out great, Barbara. Bet Lee loves it.


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