Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well, it's the last day of March!! Already!! If I remember correctly, March came in like a lion and it's going out like a lamb here today. A bit of a shower this morning, but the clouds have dispersed and the sun is shining. Looks like we will have a lovely spring day.

Of course, with the rain and sunshine the grass will continue to grow and I will continue to mow. Yesterday I edged and trimmed and mowed. Too bad you won't be able to tell in a couple of days. Just like cleaning the house - it never lasts long!! Oh, well, it seems it's the only way I'm going to get any exercise.

My sales drought continues. The only thing I've sold online since January, I think, is a pincushion and that was to one of my online buddies. (You know who you are!) I've never had one last this long before, but I'm keeping up my hopes that it will end soon. At our next Quilter's Corner Red Tag Sale, most of my totes will be 50% off listed price so keep your eye out for some great deals. In fact, they will be on sale at all my venues just to be fair to all my customers.

I want to wish all of you a Happy April. I hope no one falls prey to bad April Fools Day pranks. And I really hope no one falls prey to this awful worm/virus that's supposed to rear its ugly head tomorrow. Be sure your virus protection program is up to date and, if you're running on a PC, be sure you've gotten all the Microsoft updates to ensure you have the designated patch.

Good Tuesday, all!!

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