Friday, March 27, 2009


Well, I guess I should be careful what I wish for. Yesterday afternoon we got about 2" of rain in a relatively short period of time. It came down hard enough for the street in front of the house to temporarily flood. It's the lowest spot on the block and sometimes the drains get overwhelmed. I just love standing in the garage watching all the yahoos in their pickup trucks speed by creating lovely waves up the driveway. Maybe I should invest in surf board? We had enough water that one of the neighbors' trash can was floating in the street. Luckily the water subsides as soon as the rain lets up.

They were predicting more rain for today, but I think it's all north of us. That's ok with me. I don't need anymore water in my backyard lake at present. I hope that goes down enough that I can mow the grass that is growing as I type.

Time to go and scoop all the litter boxes. My favorite chore! NOT!! lol However it is a necessary evil.

If the sun holds out for tomorrow I can get pictures of a quilt and a quilting tote done tomorrow so I can show them off and get them listed in my various venues. So I'll at cha' later!!

This isn't the latest flood, but this is what it usually looks like. The water is up over the sidewalk.

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