Monday, September 6, 2010


Happy Labor Day, y'all!! Are you laboring today or taking some time off? Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great day.

I'll be doing some sewing, but I wouldn't call it laboring. The most laboring I do these days is making quilts or whatever for sale. Today I'm working on a round robin quilt. My Quilters Corner Group is doing this and it's a lot of fun. If you aren't familiar with the process it goes like this - everyone makes a center block for their quilt and then sends it on to the next person designated for them to add to it. On it goes to each person in turn for more additions, while each person's quilt does the same thing. At the end each quilt returns to the originator and they have a one-of-a-kind heirloom quilt.

I'm working on quilt number 3, if I remember correctly. I wish I could post pictures, but no one is supposed to know what's going on with their quilt til they get it back. I'll post before and after pics when this is all done. Well, for most of them, anyway. I didn't take pics of the first one or of mine before it left. Although I'm no where near an experienced quilter, this process hasn't been quite as hard as I expected. I have to admit that I've gone to the internet for inspiration as I don't know all the possibilities, yet. Anyway, I'm having fun with it. I've already decided what to do with this particular quilt and all I need to do is finish cutting out the backing and the flannel and putting it together. I'll make the Sept. 15 mailing deadline with time to spare, I think.

For "labor", I'm working on an interesting project. A former custom quilt customer asked if I could make a quilt out of baby clothes. My first thought and my response were "I don't know why not!" So that's been my project for a few weeks. It's been an interesting creative process and is moving along nicely. I have one ready for clipping and have started assembling the second. There will be two more after this. I'm thinking of offering custom baby clothes quilts in my Etsy store when I'm done with these. You send me the clothes and I'll make the quilt. Do you think there's a market out there for that? For heirloom raggy quilts made with baby clothes? I'll post pics when I'm done with the first two. Please let me know what you think.

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