Monday, August 23, 2010


Just in case some of you have been holding your breath, waiting to hear when Grandma would lose her boot, the time has come!!! Yaaayyy!!! Doc said I could kick the boot habit, but I still have to wear shoes. No flip flops. Real shoes. Oh, well, half the battle. I'll still have physical therapy to get rid of the rest of the swelling and in two weeks I'll get some custom orthotics for my shoes. I forgot to ask if they could go in flip flops. When I go to PT on Wednesday I'll get some generic gel othotics for the interim. Anyway, just wanted to share the good news!! I'm thinking about using the boot for a planter. Some nice trailing ivy, maybe?


  1. Glad the boot is gone. Take care and don't reinjure it.

  2. Hey, you are talking to "Miss Clumsy of 1947"!! lol I'll try to be careful.


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