Friday, December 4, 2009


Well, my picture taking attempts didn't yield too much, but here's what I got. It's snowed a bit more since the pictures, but is slacking off now and there seems to be some rain mixed in again. It's gonna be a cold, cold night so the ice is going to be the biggest problem as it's still wet out there.

This a view down the street taken from my driveway. You can see the snow on the grass and the SUV.

This shows the snow on the fence taken from the living room window. You can see snow on the roof in the distance.

This is another view of the backyard. You can see the flakes coming down.

Since it's going to be very cold tonight I made up a bed for Mr. G in the back of the garage. He seems pretty snuggled in without any desire to go outside. In fact, when I came in from taking pictures in the driveway he gave me a look to say, "If you open that door again, I'm going to bite you. It's cold out there, lady!!" He's very funny. I would bring him in the house, but he hates being in the house and doesn't do well inside at all. He will do fine in his little bed as it's well insulated.


  1. Say Barbara that is pitiful LOL amount of snow. HaHa more than we got NONE. the weather man kept saying we were going to get some but oh well we didn't. Glad for MR. G. he looks cozy.

  2. I say any snow in South Texas is too much snow in S. Texas! There is supposed to be a line that snow should not cross...and it is north of Houston! I think Mr. G is very happy (& lucky) to have his little corner!


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