Monday, December 14, 2009


I think this is something every quilter needs - a feline fabric sitter. This is Boo sitting atop a stack of squares for some patriotic quilts that are to go overseas. She said that she wanted to make sure they didn't go anywhere. Makes sense to me!! lol

I caught this pic of Mr. G a while ago. I walked out the door into the garage and there he was lounging on the Jeep during our drippy weather. If you look close you can see the cat prints all over the hood. I guess I'll just back it out in the next shower for a good rinse.


  1. Love 'em, and they are gonna lay where they wanna lay...for sure!

  2. Love the patriotic square protector! nice perch!

  3. Love your blog. Like the variety. Love those aprons too. Those are purrrr-t-kitties!


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