Sunday, January 8, 2012


It's been a busy, busy week and I apologize for taking so long to update Micha's condition. He spent the New Year's weekend at the emergency clinic for continued IV fluids. Since they were open Monday, he stayed there rather than going to the vet and then back to the clinic. Tuesday morning I moved him back to the vet. His numbers were down, but continued above normal.

The best news was that Tuesday evening he got to come home instead of going to the Emergency Clinic again. He was so happy to be home and I was happy to have him here. He knew he was home as soon as we drove into the garage. I set up a cage in his room as I didn't want him wandering about with his IV catherter still in. He wasn't happy about the cage, but settled in.

Wednesday morning we went back to the vet for more IV fluids and more bloodwork. The vet was disappointed that his numbers didn't stay, but went up just a tad. However, the best news of the week was then Wednesday night he came home for good, hopefully. They felt that this was as low as his numbers were going to go and it didn't make sense to keep him in the hospital for more fluids.

I can tell he feels better as he's not cranky and even talks to me a bit. I move him in and out of the cage depending on the time of day. He's supposed to be only eating some canned food especially for kidney failure patients and he gets a supplement twice a day and, supposedly, an appetite enhancer once a day. We are also doing subcutaneous fluids - 150 ml daily. He's not too keen on the canned food yet and I've caught him nibbling at the dry food. I'm not going to be too awfully strict as he does need to eat, though the dry food isn't the best for him. He's been a doll in taking his subQ fluids. He does not like the syringe feeding. He does nibble a bit at the canned food, too.

Another bit of good news is that he doesn't have to go back for a check until the 11th or 12th!

We are working out a schedule and it's almost time for his fluids so I will sign off for now. Thanks to everyone for their prayers and good wishes for Micha's recovery. As the vet said, there is no "cure" for kidney failure, but we can work on maintaining a good level of living while we can.

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