Monday, January 3, 2011


I thought it was time to update everyone on Max's progress. And there has been a lot of progress. We are still working on getting his blood glucose levels down, but, otherwise, Max has been doing very well. I took this picture of Max just a couple of days ago. Doesn't he look handsome? We are still waiting on the hair in the shaved areas to grow back completely so he doesn't look quite so lumpy, but he's beginning to loose the bony look.

Max has gained some weight finally. He's up to 8.2 lbs from a low of 6.9 lbs a couple of months ago. And he's maintaining that weight. I use the Wii Fit to weigh him. He has his own Mii and everything. It makes it sooo easy to keep track of his weight. I just weigh myself first and then the two of us together. We won't talk about my weight!! lol

Max's blood glucose levels are still over 300 at 4U of insulin twice daily, but that is lower than when we started. He's been allowing me to check his glucose levels and give him his insulin shot twice a day with no problems whatsoever. He gets in my lap, I prick his ear and use the glucometer. Then he gets his insulin shot and we are done.

Max is venturing out of his room now and making friends. His bestest buddy right now is Oliver. They make a funny pair as Oliver outweighs Max by a good 10 lbs! But Oliver is very gentle with Max and Max thinks Oliver is just great.

Max goes back for a check-up on the 12th and I expect a good report on him. I'll give y'all an update after his appointment. Thanks again for all the prayers and good wishes for Max's recovery. He's come a long, long way and it was worth every penny.


  1. Barbara, I did not know you had a diabetic cat. What is a normal bs for a cat? I am really glad to hear he is gaining weight. Funny about how you use the Wii. Made me laugh.

  2. Actually I have two diabetic cats. Normal bg levels for cats are usually around 40, but anything under 100 is good.

  3. Am so glad to see a good healthier looking picture of him. Good Job, Barbara.

  4. I"m so happy for both of you. Keep up the good work, Max!


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