Sunday, December 5, 2010


Sorry I've been so long with another update, but life has been crazier than usual. I had several urgent projects to get done and chose to get them out of the way. Now that they are finished, I can, hopefully, get back to normal.

First of all, Max is doing great. We had a not eating issue about a week and a half ago, but that's been resolved with some assisted eating for a day or two and a further realization that Max does not like change. I put down a bigger water bowl and he quit drinking water. Same with the food bowl. Crazy cat!!!

Max is still taking his insulin well and tolerates the twice daily ear pricks to check his glucose levels. They are still higher than I would like, but are gradually coming down. I expect another dosage increase when we go back for another check-up this coming week.

I need to get a video clip of Max fussing at me. His voice is soo squeaky like a haunted house door. And he's so loving. He's actually becoming a lap cat of sorts, though his body is almost too long for my lap.

I've received a ton of cat print fabrics from my quilting buddies and hope to have some made up into quilts and stuff soon. They will be offered for sale to try to raise some money to pay Max's considerable vet bills. What great friends I have!! Y'all know who you are!!!

I'll be back with some more pics and, maybe, a video clip, shortly.

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