Sunday, April 25, 2010


Do you remember that I made two bib strip-pieced aprons before Christmas last year? Well, I finally got around to making a half-apron using the same fabrics and it turned out soooo cute!! It has an off-center bottom point and a handy loop at the waist to hold that "wiping towel" that everyone uses when they're cooking or baking.

I still love the classic American colors in this fabric collection. It has the gray-blues, rusty reds, golds and greens that go with just about everything. This apron would be perfect for protecting your duds while creating those wonderful summer feasts. And it looks so festive!
Anyway, I just wanted to share this with you 'cause I'm really proud of the way it turned out. I have it listed on Etsy with free shipping so go check it out.


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