Monday, November 23, 2009


Yesterday I finally got out to the Texas Renaissance Festival. There's only one more weekend to go so I'm glad I didn't miss it. I love to go, just to get into another world and do some people watching. I also get a lot of exercise from walking to see the multitude of vendors, not to mention the varied performances. I've been going out there for many years and the place has grown and grown. It's getting where you can't really do it justice in one day, but I have my favorite vendors so, if I get to see them, I'm happy.

I have pictures, but they are not ready to post yet, so keep an eye out. I actually went in costume this year, which makes it that much more fun. I had a beautiful deep green dress I got out there a number of years ago. This year, my dear friend and seamstress, Maryellen Mcauliffe, made me a lovely Tudor Robe to wear over the dress. I got so many compliments on it!!

I would highly recommend that anyone visit a renaissance festival near you. It's a day of fun and make believe. It's a great opportunity to get away from the humdrum of everyday living. And if you like people watching, this is the best place ever! There is something about the place that lets people be themselves and have fun.

My friend, Sandi, went out with me this year and we had a blast. It's nice to go with someone who appreciates what a rare opportunity a renaissance festival presents to be someone else in another time for a few hours.

Anyway, pictures to follow. Stay tuned!!


  1. Can hardly wait to see your pics.

  2. cool! So nice that so many people contributed to your outing!


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