Tuesday, September 29, 2009


There is a cat that hangs around here I call Mr. G. The G is for gray - he's a beautiful gray tuxedo guy. He's been around for a couple of years and, I think, belonged to someone once upon a time. He was a young adult who had been neutered and had a collar when I first met him. Over the years it has become obvious that whoever had him in the beginning was no longer around. He's a very sweet and loving guy and would make someone a great pet. However, he has no love for being in the house. I've tried to take him in a couple of times and he is clearly uncomfortable inside. He did take refuge with us during the hurricane last year and seemed to realize it was the best place to be for the duration.

I always leave small bowls of food and water out front for Mr. G as he doesn't seem to want to go in the back with the ferals. If I leave the garage door open he spends many days sprawled out on the top of the Jeep. I guess he feels safe up there and can catch all the breezes. He will go off for a while several times during the day and then come back. Of course I wonder where he goes and the other day I found one of his other "perches".

I was out looking for him and something made me look up in the tree.

I caught sight of white paws and upon closer inspection, there was Mr. G, securely settled among the limbs like a jungle cat. His perch seems very secure, even when the wind was blowing.

He's not always there, but I'm glad he's found another secure place to while away the day.
This is a picture taken of Mr. G last year when someone had put a collar on him. Isn't he just the handsomest thing?


  1. He sure looks comfortable & relaxed up there, doesn't he? I wonder if likes you knowing his hideout now?? Well, he's handsome for sure, but not quite as handsome as the "King Braveheart".

  2. Cats get into the darndest things & places.

    Terry needs prayers & support. Her hubby was in a bad accident today. Terrytreasures.blogspot.com

    Have a lovely autumn week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. You know now that MR. G. is no dummy he knows that he is safe and also comfy while he can see the whole world from his "mountain top" Cute


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