Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Wow! I know I say it every year, but what happened to last year? It went by very fast. It's true that the older you get the faster time seems to go. I guess being busy with cats and sewing and just life in general makes the time go. 

This time last year I was running back and forth to the Emergency Vet Clinic to see Micha who was hospitalized after a severe crash due to kidney failure. We were able to keep Micha with us until he passed away May 22. We still miss they little guy a lot.

It was a year of dealing with various feline medical issues, but those have tapered off as the year progressed. I'm seriously praying for no medical crises this year. Please. Twitty is doing well, finally, on his thyroid medicine that's applied to his ears. Buddy is maintaining on his glaucoma treatment, though his vision is waning. Max, my medical standout for 2011, is doing quite well on his rather large insulin dosage. Everyone else seems to be hanging in there with minor issues only.Me? I can't afford to get sick so I don't.

Business in my Etsy shop was down a bit this year, but then everyone is trying to cut back, including me. I've had the chance to make some amazing baby clothes quilts and I'm so grateful for my loyal customers. I made a lot of tote bags this winter and will continue to include tote and diaper bags in my inventory. I learned to make some simple coasters and soon every one of my friends and family will have their very own set!! I love to make them and see what fabric combos I can come up with. 

I'm hoping to take a beginning quilting class this year. I took one in 1999 and the wall hanging I made then is among the few quilted items I have finished since. I'm also hoping to branch out into more traditional quilting style in some of my totes and things. I'm also looking into matching accessory sets to go with the totes. 

My big wish for this year is a new sewing machine. I have two Brother machines, the newer computerized one has stitch regulation problems and needs to go to the shop and the other older and simpler one probably needs a tune up. They have both been great machines even though I probably  haven't taken the best care of them as far as maintenance is concerned. I guess I'll see how much it costs to get the newer one in running order and then decide what to do. I have so many other things I want to tackle and I need a good machine to take that next step.

My family is doing well. My son still likes his job which is a blessing in itself. So many people go to work each day just dreading it. That's no fun, I know from experience. The grandkids are doing well in school and granddaughter will graduate from high school this spring. Och! That make me feel old!

I know that 2012 was a learning year for me and I'm hoping I can carry over those lessons to make 2013 the best year ever. I wish that for everyone who reads my blog. I know that if we put our minds to it, we can make this world a better place this year. Are you with me?

Happy New Year, y'all!!

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