Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I just put my latest baby clothes quilt in the mail to my customer. Every quilt project is different and has it's own challenges. This quilt includes a lot of older baby clothes belonging to the customer as well as garments that her children had worn. Some of the older garments required a bit different handling than the newer ones. I know that this quilt will bring back a lot of memories for this super customer.

I appliqued a number of pieces from items that weren't big enough for their own blocks. I love this one from a daughter's baby underwear. Sooo cute!

This is another piece from her son's items. A hat, I believe. I cut a circle of the fabric and appliqued it to some matching solid fabric.

I backed the quilt with some nifty fabric from Debbie Mumm. It picks up the different colors from the clothing and has a nice pattern. It also made the bloom very pretty.

Stay tuned as I will be doing other quilts for this customer using a great variety of garments.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Just wanted to share some random cat stuff today. You know how most cats just love boxes? Well, Goldie is one of those cats. If you put a box out, she's in it whether she fits in it or not. Here she is in a box that some Christmas gifts came in. It's a perfect fit. The minute it was empty she claimed it as hers and has spent a lot of time in it. Did you know that cats are like children? Well they are! When one has something the others want it, too, even if they never wanted it before. And that's what happened to this poor box.

Well, here's what happens when you get two cats in a one cat box. Katie just had to get in the box with her momma and it just couldn't hold both of them. I think Goldie is giving her a good talking to in this picture. Even though the box is a bit damaged now, everyone is still very interested in sitting in it.

MAX UPDATE: Max continues to improve every day. He's up to about 10 lbs. now, tho' I haven't weighed him in a couple of days. He's even getting a bit of a belly! Some recent blood work showed his potassium to be low so the doc has him taking this potassium gel twice a day. He doesn't seem to mind it a whole bunch. I also have him on some special Vitamin B12 called methyl 12 for a bit of neuropathy in his hind legs. This version of B12 is supposed to be absorbed better and it seems to be working. I'm even taking a bit of it myself as it can't really hurt. Max is such a trouper about taking all his meds and stuff. We don't have to go back for another check-up til mid February!

Monday, January 3, 2011


I thought it was time to update everyone on Max's progress. And there has been a lot of progress. We are still working on getting his blood glucose levels down, but, otherwise, Max has been doing very well. I took this picture of Max just a couple of days ago. Doesn't he look handsome? We are still waiting on the hair in the shaved areas to grow back completely so he doesn't look quite so lumpy, but he's beginning to loose the bony look.

Max has gained some weight finally. He's up to 8.2 lbs from a low of 6.9 lbs a couple of months ago. And he's maintaining that weight. I use the Wii Fit to weigh him. He has his own Mii and everything. It makes it sooo easy to keep track of his weight. I just weigh myself first and then the two of us together. We won't talk about my weight!! lol

Max's blood glucose levels are still over 300 at 4U of insulin twice daily, but that is lower than when we started. He's been allowing me to check his glucose levels and give him his insulin shot twice a day with no problems whatsoever. He gets in my lap, I prick his ear and use the glucometer. Then he gets his insulin shot and we are done.

Max is venturing out of his room now and making friends. His bestest buddy right now is Oliver. They make a funny pair as Oliver outweighs Max by a good 10 lbs! But Oliver is very gentle with Max and Max thinks Oliver is just great.

Max goes back for a check-up on the 12th and I expect a good report on him. I'll give y'all an update after his appointment. Thanks again for all the prayers and good wishes for Max's recovery. He's come a long, long way and it was worth every penny.