Friday, December 30, 2011


I had to take my dear, sweet Micha to the vet yesterday evening. He's a 10-year old seal point rescue and former foster kitty. Several years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes and very early stage renal failure. Over the years his diabetes has ebbed and flowed as his need for insulin changed. He's been on a "honeymoon" for a while now.

I noticed this week that he was looking kinda ragged and he was dehydrated. I was able to get an appointment with his vet late yesterday afternoon. His blood work showed that he was in acute renal crisis with his numbers way off the charts. The treatment is lots of IV fluids in an attempt to get the numbers down and somewhere close to normal.

Since it was late and his IV usage needed to be monitored, the vet had me take Micha to the Emergency Clinic for the night. He wasn't very happy about it, but that's what we did.

I picked him up early this morning and brought him back to the vet for the day. With a holiday weekend coming up, I'm not sure what's going to happen. It would be nice to have him home for the weekend rather than at the Emergency Clinic again. Or the vet since they don't have anyone there at night.

Micha was his usual (when not feeling well) cranky self when I picked him up and was noticeably heavier in his carrier. He looked good and all his vital signs were normal so he's not in critical condition. I hope we can pull him thru this since he's really a sweetie when he's feeling good.

I remember rescuing Micha and his two sisters 10 years ago. Their mom was a beautiful solid black feral cat. The kittens were in the back yard and I just went out and grabbed them. I can still see their mom on my heels hissing and growling all the way as I ran back to the house. She looked like a miniature panther. I don't know what every happened to her as she disappeared several months after that. Micha's sisters were adopted by a nice lady and I got to keep the little guy.

I have a couple of kitty quilts in my Etsy store that I may switch to Ebay to see if I can raise some funds for his treatment. I'm not sure if my finances can take another major vet bill, but I will see that Micha gets the best treatment.

Anyway, I just wanted to introduce you to Micha and let you know about his situation. He could use all the prayers and healing energy you can send his way.

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