Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, we have two new "patients" in the house. A few weeks ago a stray, mostly feral, momma cat brought her three kittens to the yard. They were on the small side for the apparant age, but seemed to be healthy. A couple of weeks ago I started to notice that two of the kittens were having symptoms of upper respiratory infection. That's not too uncommon among feral kittens from my experience. When they started waking up with their eyes stuck together, I tried to clean them so they could see but it happened all over again. Then one disappeared for a day and I was really worried. So, a week ago Sunday, when the missing kitten reappeared seeming even sicker than before, I grabbed both of them and brought them in the house. I installed them in one of the cages I used when fostering and put it in the hall bath so they would be apart from the rest of the household. They weren't in good condition with diarrhea and all snotty and stuffy.

Since Monday was a holiday I didn't get them to the vet til Tuesday. My diagnosis was confirmed and they were put on three different medications - a general antibiotic, antibiotic ointment for the eyes and some meds for the "runs". I've named them Mikey and Fuzzy - brother and sister. They have been very good at taking their meds. They have been eating Fancy Feast and some Eukanuba kitten food. I also got them some milk replacement for added nutrition.

Here's a picture of them taken after they went to the vet. They are about 6 weeks old in that picture and they were on a hot water bottle as Fuzzy's body temp was low and the vet said to keep her warm.

In fact, her diarrhea had been so bad and irritated her little bottom so much it was hard to tell at the time if she was a boy or a girl. That's Fuzzy on the left and Mikey on the right.

The vet bill was not cheap so I'm putting together a couple of kitty themed rag quilts to put on ebay for auction to see if I can raise some money to defray the costs.

They are doing better and I will be posting more pics and keeping y'all updated on their progress. They are very sweet little kittes and will be looking for a home when they are all better and a bit older. I would like to keep them together since they have been thru this together. If anyone knows anyone in the greater Houston area that might be interested in giving these amazing and lucky kitties a home, please let me know.

I'll definitely let you know when the quilts are listed. One is a lap size with more than 25 different cat prints. The other will be a bit bigger with more than 12 different prints.

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