Wednesday, November 10, 2010


As I stated in my last blog, my cat, Max, was in the hospital. He was diagnosed diabetes and has possible problems with his pancreas and liver. Below is a picture of him in his cage at the hospital. He had all sorts of tubes attached to him including a feeding tube.

It all began on a Friday night when I found him in the bathtub in the middle of the night. I thought he was dying right then and there. Max has always been very antisocial and when he let me pick him up and hold him I knew he was very sick. I watched over him and when he was still around on Sunday morning we went to the emergency vet clinic. They kept him overnight and my vet referred him to Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists for evaluation. He stayed there for two very long weeks.

Max in the hospital
I knew if anyone could save Max, these people could. I've had pets treated there many times. I think Gulf Coast is one of the top vet clinics in the country. They let me come and visit Max every day except Sunday. I hope it helped Max and I know it helped me.

I'm not sure that Max is totally out of the woods, but he's ever so much better. Max is now home, but he's a long way from being 100%. He's probably lost a third of his body weight and is still very weak. He's on insulin twice a day. But he's eating and drinking water and purring like crazy when I pet him. He's got shaved spots all over him - legs, neck, tummy - looks like a bad poodle cut.

Max at home

Having him in the hospital was very, very expensive, but I couldn't let him die without a fight. Not after he struggled to stay alive. Soon I'll be listing some pet-themed quilts and other items to raise money to help pay Max's hospital bill. Meanwhile, Max could sure use your prayers and positive, healing energies.

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  1. Awe- he looks content being home. I am sure you are too Barbara. Praying for sure. Hugs for you and Max. Poor lil guy!


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